This is a small group class in Korean now available on Saturdays. We take time to look back on our days and share some appreciation or thoughts in the beginning of the class.

You are a beginner? or intermediate practitioner? It doesn’t matter as options and freedom are given throughout the class. The purpose of the class is to understand deeper about yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

토요일 빈야사 수업은 한국어로 진행하는 소그룹 수업으로 우리 몸의 정렬과 기본 자세에 집중, 호흡과 함께하는 플로우로 진행됩니다.

첫 15-20분은 한 주 동안의 내 삶을 천천히 돌아보는 시간을 갖고 대화도 나누며 요가 수련 이상을 경험하실 수 있을거에요.

다양한 옵션이 주어지므로 초보자부터 중급까지 참여하실 수 있고요. 규칙적 수련을 통해 궁극적으로 스스로의 몸과 마음, 정신에 대해 더 깊게 이해하는 것을 목표로 합니다.


You can get 1:1 yoga class at our studio, your place, park, beach or online wherever you prefer.

If you are pregnant? or just gave birth? It’ll be a great time to practice yoga.

If you want your kids to try yoga? It’ll give teach them another type of fun in a healthy way.

Contact me and we discuss what will work best for you.